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For the Love of Lavender Gift Set

The For the Love of Lavender gift set will make the perfect gift for any lavender lover. This delightful set includes a 6oz glass container of lavender soy candle to fill any room with a gentle scent of lavender. As well as a lavender essential oil spray, lavender shea lotion and an oatmeal soap to wrap you in the warmth of the healing scent of lavender. To top it all off, a wick trimmer is included to get the most out of your candle. Give your loved one the ultimate gift of relaxation and peace with the For the Love of Lavender gift set.

  • Lavender Soy Candle, 6 oz glass container
  • Lavender  Essential oil Spray 
  • Lavender Shea lotion, 4oz.
  • Wick Trimmer
  • Lavender Oatmeal Soap

      * Beautifully Gift wrapped 

Detail Description

Chill Pill Essential Oil candle $20.

A beautiful and calming Aromatherapy  blend  of lavender, bergamot,  and vanilla Essential Oils.  


Lavender Aromatherapy Spray $10.

 Distilled water, Witch Hazel and Lavender Essential Oil. 


  Lavender Shea Lotion $12

This Lavender Shea Lotion is  a dreamy blend of Lavender  Essential Oils.

Loaded with pure, Organic Shea Butter (formulated to over 20%!), this unbelievably dense, buttery soft and soothing lotion melts deeply into dry, thirsty skin, helping to soften, renew and revitalize.  Boosted with Organic Aloe, Sweet Almond Oil, nourishing Vitamin E, and Organic Neem, this full-bodied lotion spreads easily, helping to deliver remarkable results..


Wick Trimmer $12 

This candle wick trimmer will help prevent soot buildup on your walls and will lengthen the life of your candle by controlling the burn for best scent and minimal soot.Your candle will burning evenly and no more burnt blobs floating in wax.It cuts down on the smoking and build up on your candles.

 Lavender Oatmeal Soap: Luxurious moisturizing Soap is a gentle, natural exfoliator that removes dirt and excess oil without drying the skin, all while using moisture-rich oils that Hydrate your skin and leave it feeling refreshed. 

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