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Frankincence Essential Oil


Boswellia carterii, commonly known as Frankincense, is derived from the milky white sap that is secreted by the Frankincense tree. After the tree’s sap droplets are allowed to dry and harden into tear-shapes on the tree over the course of a few days, they are finally scraped off to be made into an essential oil.

The Boswellia tree is native to regions such as Africa.

Believed to:

  • reduce signs of aging
  • repair and regenerate skin cells, and thereby reduce the appearance of aging and scarring
  • enhance concentration and relaxation
  • encourage a sense of calm
  • relieve anxiety
  • have an anti-microbial activity for skin and surfaces
  • enhance spiritual experiences
  • stimulate, protect, and maintain the health of the immune system
  • stimulate the growth of new cells




Put a drop on your wrist and chest or a drop on your pillow before you go to sleep. Optionally put a drop on the bottom of your feet where your skin is the least sensitive and pores are known to be the largest. Re-apply every 4 hours. Perfect for diffusers.  Do not ingest. 


Remember when using Essential oils, more is not better.  Dilute with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or an unscented lotion.

Size 5ml


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