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Toner/Hydrating Mist with Rose Water

 I guess you could say I'm a middle-aged. I had my face regimen, I was Happy with it.  I read  a couple articles about  the chemicals that were found in a lot of facial products. I have a few customers that came to me specifically for essential oils that they put in their lotions to make their own facial  serums.

So I decided to do quite a bit of research and come up with my own.  This is what I came up with.

After a month of using my own product I noticed that my face had a more even tone to it giving it a more youthful glow, my roseca wasn't as pronounced.

This blend of oils deeply penetrates the skin and fights free radicals and provides protection from the harsh environment. I found it  helps with Scaring , Acne and dark spots and refines skin texture giving your skin a youthful glow.
Essential Oil Blend is Stress relieving/  Mood Balancing/Anti Aging. 

*  Spritz  on freshly cleaned skin morning and night. 
*For all skin types and acne prone skin.

I personally pair it with my Facial Serum. 

Rose Water///
Witch Hazel///
Carrot Seed Essential Oil//  
Lavender Essential Oil//
Egyptian Geranium Essential oil/ / 
Organic Frankincense Essential Oil// 
Rosemary Essential Oil// 

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