Life is Beautiful and Why I Make Candles...

My name is Shanon Valles Warfield, a mother of three and a third-generation San Diegian. In 2014 I started my candle business after supporting my youngest child through his first year of high school - time to cut the preverbal umbilical cord, and give birth to Bella Vie Candles!

Frustrated Candle Buyer

As a frustrated candle buyer I started experimenting with making my own candles and perfected the art of wicks, wax, and custom blended scents for my own use. Why pay too much for a candle that doesn't burn correctly and the scent doesn't last??? I was randomly invited to participate in a farmers market in North Park before I even had even decided to start my business.  With a short deadline of two weeks to pull together my branding, labeling, packaging, insurance, etc. - I went for it! The response to my candles and unique scents went surprising well at the market, and the rest as they say is history.

Long-line of Artisans and Innovators

Before starting a candle business I considered returning to college to complete my degree in nutrition at San Diego State, but that wasn't my first choice. Inspired by a long-line of artisans and innovators in my family I decided to follow my passion. 

I've been inspired by everything from my grandmothers passion for roses and painting beautiful local landscapes, to my great-aunt and uncle Jack and Ella Marie Wooley who were local San Diego renowned artists. 

 My family tree consists of a who's-who list of risk-takers and innovators such as third-cousin David Packard (Hewlett Packard), and even William H. Seward who was responsible the Louisiana Purchase - aka "Seward's Folly," before the world realized his genius. More recently my San Diego history consists of my great grandfather starting a printing business in 1936 after buying San Diego's first 4-color Heidelberg printing press. During the 1936 California Pacific International Exposition in Balboa Park, my uncle took out a loan to buy the floor model on display at the Exposition.  After buying the breakthrough printing technology of the time, he started a thriving business lasting more than 50 years.

Staying Inspired

I continue to stay inspired by talking to my customers about their love of candles. My recent passion is in Essential oils in Candles, and applications for the oils by themselves. I love their organic and all natural essence and the way that their biology is clearly meant to work with our bodies to optimize our health.  Stay tuned for my next blog post where I delve more into how I got started with Essential oils. It's another serendipitous moment of a beautiful life...